Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Captain Tong and Holiday moments :')

Episode 32:

"I've grown up. During the PPT training period, you said that I'm not suitable to be a pilot, and wanted to kick me out of the school, but, look at me now! I've finished the PPT training/project. I can't even believe myself! It's just so incredible!"

Sam: "You're just simply a miracle."

Holiday: "OF COURSE!! Me, Holiday itself is just a human miracle!" *says proudly* *giggles* *satisfaction*

Sam: "You can do it!" *Jiayou sign* *serious mode*
Holiday: "Am I dreaming? Sam just complimented me!" *unbelievable* *make a joke out of it* XD


Episode 34:

Holiday: "why are you not smiling laughing? :( "
Sam: "what is there to laugh about?"
Holiday: "But look at me, I'm laughing so happily XD"
*Sam cannot control his laughter and burst out laughing with Holiday*
Holiday: "And now you can't stop laughing, can't stop laughing XD"
*continue laughing* *squeeze Sam's face and continue laughing*

This is so cute okay hahaha especially Holiday, she's just so cute and adorable you can't just stop laughing by looking at her face!

Episode 41:
“What now? I'm trying so hard to please you and yet you're still not happy.Yes, it is hard. It is miserable. That is why I am forcing myself to change. Don’t you see it? Why am I changing? I am changing for you. And the problem is, you are a pilot captain. You are always on top of everything. So I always have to change. But, even as your girlfriend, I have to listen to whatever you say. We got together after you said let’s be together. We didn’t officially announce it until you said we could announce it officially. But, I am already doing what you are asking for. What more can I do, Sam? The real Holiday had already changed, for you.”


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