Monday, 7 October 2013

FALA: "It's not about flying, it's about relationships"

Fala was excited while talking about her leading role as Holiday in Triumph in the skies 2.

"It's not about flying, it's about relationships. *laughs*
So, her relationship with Jayden, who's her instructor, and later on, is Sam.

She was very traumatised by her death of her fiancée, until she met Sam, that basically change a lot things for her, and then she gone back to hk, and started her training as an airplane pilot. So basically, the whole story starts with her broken past and continue with a new career, a new relationship with others."

Fala also mentioned that both Chilam and Francis are very friendly and funny.

"I worked with him(Francis) on my first flim- Turning point. He was a great partner. and Ron told me about tricks on the first day. I teach you! "Francis, you just don't be afraid of him. The more you're not afraid of him, the more he likes you!

So the first day I was just throwing different ideas at him. and he's the one who says "PA LA" (cato) THAT'S IT. ROLL. So I think he's okay with what I'm doing. The last day of the scene, the last scene, was a pretty dramatic scene, ehh, Francis was like "you want to do it again right?" I'm like "how do you know?" "I can tell" So we did it again and I didn't know I can do after the 23rd time, I can be so emotional and so different, I surprised myself! Everyone of the crew and then the studio was silent, everyone was like.. *insert fala's expression* and which is hard, I was like "WE DID IT!! THIS IS WHAT WE WANT! WE DID IT!!"

The last scene Fala was referring.

I may miss out some points which Fala had mentioned so you can actually watch the whole interview
 here! :)

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  1. "It's not about flying, it's about relationships" HAHAHA agree with that for sure!!